A Mouse as a California Pet? What Could Go Wrong? Here's What You Should Know First!

Allowing your kids to have pets will teach them responsibility. Nonetheless, the parents should be wary on the type of Huntington Beach pets that the kids want to have. As an adult, you already know that feeding and cleaning the pet will be time-consuming and laborious. Furthermore, the cost related with your pets can be expensive. As a parent, you want to make sure that the pet they chose will be perfectly fit for them. Pet mice have now become popular among kids due to the way that they have been depicted to TV shows and movies.

Pet Mice for the Kids

In case you and the kid want a pet that they can play with and they can handle, the California mice may not be an excellent choice. They are nimble and small and they will easily be startled. If you think your kids have a calm demeanor, pet mice may probably be a good choice. The kids can handle their pet mice but it has to be gentle. Taming mice will also require a huge amount of patience. This means that if your kids want a furry creature that they can cuddle, it may be best to consider your other options.

Some kids only want a pet that they can watch such as fish and birds. If this sounds like your kid, then mice would be an excellent choice. These creatures are actually enjoyable to watch and they do not require a high level of maintenance. As a parent, you need to know that a great deal of responsibility will fall on your shoulder.

Mice are also highly intelligent and they do not require a large space. It would be fun to watch them as they run on the California wheels and use their hands in analyzing the treats. Mice are also generally quite. Unfortunately, they have a short lifespan. They will live at an average of 1-2 years which may be challenging for the kids.

How Many Mice?

The Huntington Beach mice are social creatures and they will be happy when they belong in the company of similar creatures. This is why experts will advise you to have more than 1 mouse. Avoid introducing new mice that do not originally belong in the litter since this can start an unavoidable conflict. The female mice will usually get along just fine but the male mice will occasionally run into fights. You will have to separate them in case that happens. 

Safety Concerns

Just like the other California pets of your kids, they should understand that they need to wash their hands after handling or interacting with the pet mice. The adult member of the family should make it a point to supervise them when they are feeding the mice. The child will not be 100% capable of taking care of the mice.

The mice have the capacity to chew plastic, paper, and wood. Be sure that there are no holes in your cage that the mice can use as exit points. They will be able to use a hole with only ¼ inch in diameter to escape the cage.

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