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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Huntington Beach! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Huntington Beach, CA. As a family run business, we want to ensure that we are taking care of your family. This is why we pride ourselves on being the number one rodent control company in the area. We just don't remove rodents from your home. We make sure that they are unable to get back in. We perform a thorough inspection of your home to locate any potential areas where animals such as squirrels, rats, and mice are gaining access into your house. We then repair these entryways, ensuring that they are properly sealed. Even if your problem is that you have dead animals inside your home, we can assist you with that. You may have used poisons or some other means to try to eradicate these animals from your house, only to find that this has left dozens of them decaying in the walls or attic of your house. We provide expert service to clean up and remove these dead animals, including sanitizing the affected areas so that you do not have any potential health risk. We are not just experts in rodent removal, however. Any kind of wildlife problem you may have we are ready to assist you with. We have an expert staff that not only safely and humanely removes animals, but also performs repairs so they won't be back. We are here to service your needs, so give us a call today. Call us now at 562-219-2185 for your Huntington Beach wildlife control needs.

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Same-day or next-day appointments.

Humane wildlife trapping and exclusion.

Critter damage repair to your home.

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Poison-free Huntington Beach rodent control - rats and mice.

Bat control in Huntington Beach - removal from attics

Huntington Beach raccoon removal and skunk removal.

Removal of animals in the attic, like squirrels.

Complete removal of squirrels in the attic

Dead animal removal, inside and outside.

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Huntington Beach Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Best California Bait You Can Use for an Opossum Trap!

Opossums are the only marsupial Huntington Beach creatures that you will encounter in North America. While this may sound fascinating, a lot of people do not want them in their house. Their appearance will resemble a large rodent and not a lot of people will appreciate that. They also have a repulsive scent and will sometimes be nuisance once they enter the crawl spaces of our property. If you want to get rid of their presence, trapping would be the best method that you can use.

Choosing the Best Bait for Your Opossum Trap

The success of trapping the California opossum will largely depend on the proper placement of the trap as well as the bait that you are going to use. If your bait will not be enough to draw the attention of the creature, then you won't be able to convince them to enter the trap. Here are some of the best baits that you can use.

Wet Pet Food

The possums need an adequate supply of Huntington Beach proteins and our pet food would be the best source of protein for them. They also love the smell of the cat food. However, when using the pet food, make sure that it is away from the access of your pets especially your cat. They will also be enticed on the sweet scent of the pet food.


Apple is also a great bait to use in your opossum trap. It has a sweet odor that the opossum love. If you want to improve the success of trapping them, you may want to add a dash of cinnamon that will greatly boost the interest of the opossum. There are different fruits that you can use as bait for opossum. However, the most excellent choice would be apple or oranges.

Liquid or Paste Lure

The type of California bait that you should use will depend upon the kind of trap that you are using. In case you are utilizing a modified trap, paste or liquid lure would be an excellent choice. Simply smear the paste into the trigger of the trap and that would be enough to ensure that the opossum will bite on the trigger. Some people try to use the blood of animal such as rabbit. This may be the best choice during the winter season. The scent of the blood will remain for at least one week. However, for the warm areas, the scent will persist for only 3 days. There are some synthetic lures that are available in the market. Read the instructions carefully when using the commercially-available lures.

In case none of the Huntington Beach baits aforementioned are available, Nutella or peanut butter would also prove to be effective bait for opossum. Simply coat the bread with peanut butter and that would be enough to draw the attention of the creature. Opossums will also be interested on food that has the scent of the fruits and sustenance that have powerful stench. Make sure that you will use bait that has a tendency to stand out.