Best Tips on Keeping Snakes Away from Your Huntington Beach Basement!

You will be happy to know that Huntington Beach snakes will prefer not to be in the areas with human presence. Some people will find them threatening and disgusting but the snakes will also feel this way towards humans. Snakes will usually be nuisance than being a threat. In case their presence is bothering you, simply cover their entry holes that will keep them away from our house.

Guide in Removing the Snakes from the Basement

The snakes prefer to dwell in the dark and obscure areas of our California house such as our garage, under the porch and our basement. When evicting the snake from the basement, you should refrain from using lethal methods. They are hunters and prefer to kill creatures that are alive which make it difficult to poison them. Follow these methods if you want to keep your basement free from slithering creature.

Evict the Snake

The first step that you need to take is to make your basement less interesting in the eye of the snake. Snakes like to hides in piles of debris. Make sure to clear all the debris in your basement. If there are piles of woods, be sure that it will be elevated on the ground. It is still recommended to store your firewood away from your home. 

Remove the Huntington Beach Food That Attracts Them

In case your house is packed with foods that can attract them, then there is a possibility that they will soon invade your California basement. Snakes will love the taste of insects, slugs, and rodents. Be certain that your house will remain free from foods that may attract them. The snake in your yard may be the result of an underlying infestation. You should also remove the bird feeders, pet foods and the fruits that are scattered in the yard.

Seal the Holes

Inspect your basement for any holes that the California snake can use as an access hole. Seal them with a caulk, hardware cloth, or wire mesh with at least ¼ inch of mesh. Any cracks and gaps can be a possible entry point for the snake. The snakes will usually prefer to crawl but this does not mean that they cannot climb. Be sure that the windows of your basement will be screened in order to keep the snakes away from the basement.

Snake Fence

The snake fence will probably be an excellent solution to keep the snakes at bay. The fence should stand at a height of 30 inches. Compared to the fences, you do not have to bury them deep in the ground. You should also trim the grasses and the bushes that the snake can utilize to climb over the fence. Simply attach the fence on the ground using staples to keep them secured.

Our Huntington Beach basement will often be dark, moist and do not have a high human traffic. This makes it an excellent hiding place for the snake. After you managed to get rid of the snake in your basement, you need to treat the original cause of the problem.

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